Why Blockchain Adoption Is Moving at Hyperspeed

  • In 1995, it was clear the Internet would be a big and a necessary thing for society.
  • In 1995, a Fortune 500 CEO was a 60 year old born in 1935. That CEO had no experience with computer connectivity and no one to ask about technology.
  • If you were running a lumber or steel mill or retail company, you scaled the ranks by being an expert in that business and industry. It took a long time for companies to adopt IT.
  • Many did not adapt and they failed or lost billions. Microsoft, for example, missed the Internet and rivals like Google and Apple came up to move past them in personal computing, mobile phones, and many forms of Internet software.
  • The Internet had few champions in the Fortune 500 or in world governments.
  • A Fortune 500 CEO then was likely a 50 yr old born in 1960. This CEO had grown up with the Microsoft office suite. IBM had sold them the virtues of data analytics and computing, as had Oracle, Cisco, and SAP.
  • Each company had a CTO, a CIO, and a CMO that leveraging data analytics. It didn’t take more than a few years for every Fortune 500 company to adopt Cloud computing.
  • No matter the business whether timber, oil, cars, agriculture, the company and industry is really a technology company. Every company has servers, mainframes, websites, data analytics, mailing lists, and online payment systems.
  • Now, regardless of the age of the CEO, there is a CTO, CIO, or SVP that has been interested in bitcoin and crypto and blockchain since college.
  • They were the early adopters and now they have titles, authority, and budget. They are mining at home and jumping onto Reddit and chatting about the flippening, shilling, altcoins, hot wallets, private keys, 2FA, pumping, dumping, FUD, mooning, hodl, Bitmain, hashrate, and lambos. They have very strong feelings about Bitcoin Cash.
  • They believe in Unicorns, Unikorns, and Vitalik.
  • They know who Satoshi really is. They are beyond talking about whether this technology will succeed and are too busy talking about when.



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