Announcing New ZenLedger Feature Launches & A Guest Podcast

2 min readOct 23, 2020


ZenLedger Recent Features Launches & DeFi Updates

We have some exciting feature updates to announce this month! If you invest in DeFi, ZenLedger is THE best option for filing your crypto taxes. Our competitors claim they know DeFi, but we are leading the way with 20+ integrations, more than any other crypto tax software provider.

We are also the first to support WBTC and DOT!

Recent ZenLedger Feature Launches:

  • 2FA (Two-factor authentication)
  • Margin Trading Support for Poloniex, Deribit, Kraken, Liquid, KuCoin, BitMex
  • Polkadot (DOT) Support is live and includes: DOT Staking, Old DOT to Mainnet Migration Handling, DOT Blockchain Transfers, and Tracking
  • Latest DeFi integrations: Balancer,, Synthetix

We are continuously adding new integrations and will have support for Steem, Wax, and TokenSets shortly. If you don’t see an exchange, wallet, or blockchain that you have used just let us know. We’ll add it quickly or jump in to help you get it all squared away with our custom CSV support. Email us at

What ZenLedger Customers Say:

“The software saves me, literally, thousands of dollars in tax preparation fees, every year. My accountant knows very little about cryptocurrency and has admitted that he would have had to spend dozens of hours, trying to figure out my crypto transactions. ZenLedger does all the work and I just send my accountant my completed tax forms in an email, and my taxes are done!”- Dale M., Colorado

“Yes, I think I am ready to download the forms. Thank you so very much! I can’t thank you enough. I only hope I get better at this for next year’s tax season. You and your team are phenomenal!” - Terri G., Texas

Crypto 101 Podcast

Earlier this month, ZenLedger COO, Dan Hannum, partnered with Crypto 101 Podcast to discuss all things crypto tax.

Dan shared his thoughts on the challenges of building tax-related software, the current regulatory landscape surrounding crypto taxation, and frequently asked questions from ZenLedger’s clients. Thanks to CRYPTO 101 for having us on! You can listen to the podcast here.

Final Words

With ZenLedger, you can easily track your trades, see your profits, and generate the crypto tax forms and financial reports you need in a flash. And, if you are preparing for tax-loss harvesting season — we are here to help! Get a head start by viewing our Complete Guide to Crypto Tax-loss Harvesting here.

Stay tuned to this space for a very special ZenLedger promotion next month!




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