2020 is coming to a close, and we wanted to reflect on the achievements and progress that we’ve made here at ZenLedger this year.

We also want to thank our customers for providing us with feedback so we can continuously improve our product for you. We are working hard to make sure that doing your cryptocurrency taxes with us is easy and stress-free.

A special highlight this year was the launch of our resolution center which helps customers resolve missing or incorrect data in their transaction history, and review any historical cryptocurrency tax income such as mining, staking, lending, gifts…

ZenLedger Recent Features Launches & DeFi Updates
ZenLedger Recent Features Launches & DeFi Updates

We have some exciting feature updates to announce this month! If you invest in DeFi, ZenLedger is THE best option for filing your crypto taxes. Our competitors claim they know DeFi, but we are leading the way with 20+ integrations, more than any other crypto tax software provider.

We are also the first to support WBTC and DOT!

Recent ZenLedger Feature Launches:

  • 2FA (Two-factor authentication)
  • Margin Trading Support for Poloniex, Deribit, Kraken, Liquid, KuCoin, BitMex
  • Polkadot (DOT) Support is live and includes: DOT Staking, Old DOT to Mainnet Migration Handling, DOT Blockchain Transfers, and Tracking
  • Latest DeFi integrations: Balancer, 1inch.exchange, Synthetix

Increased IRS Enforcement on Crypto & What It Means for You
Increased IRS Enforcement on Crypto & What It Means for You

According to a recently posted Wall Street Journal report, the IRS is gearing up to deploy a change to the 2020 tax form that directly affects crypto investors. By now, it is no secret that there is an ongoing plan for increased IRS enforcement on crypto.

For context, 2019 was the first time the IRS asked if an individual had participated in buying, selling, or holding digital assets by putting the question on the Schedule 1 form — not necessarily requiring an answer. But fast-forward just 1 year later, and the IRS has chosen to highlight the question on the…

ZenLedger Feature Launches & DeFi Support
ZenLedger Feature Launches & DeFi Support

With the October 15th, 2020 tax deadline fast approaching, we want to remind you that our best-in-class crypto tax software is available to get your taxes done easily and stress-free. As chaotic as things have been this year, you can still rely on our knowledgeable and friendly customer service team to help you file quickly and accurately right now. Please reach out anytime (phone, chat, email) and we’ll get right back to you! We also work with tax professionals.

For a limited time, we are offering 20% off all first-time purchases of any ZenLedger product with discount code: ZenLedger20


When cryptocurrency investing first became popular, hardly anyone paid taxes on profits. However, as the market became more regulated, authorities tightened taxation. Let’s dig into cryptocurrency investment and taxation together and discover ways to optimize your crypto taxes.

A unique feature of investing and trading cryptocurrency is that cryptocurrency is a cross between an asset (for example, stocks) and currency (for example, the US dollar). An analysis of the basics of cryptocurrency is very different from an analysis of any other financial asset. Traditional methods of measuring value do not work in the crypto industry, mainly because in many cases…

Cutting your tax bills is always desirable. But it’s even more important to do it the right way to avoid any potential trouble with the IRS. If you are a crypto holder, you know perfectly well that trading cryptocurrencies is a risky business because the value of crypto coins fluctuates wildly. It’s simply impossible to foresee when the next to-the-moon price spike may happen to your favorite coin. The same is almost true for sudden price downfalls that can leave you nearly bankrupt! But it’s good that the IRS is tolerant of risk-taking investors. …

The global economy is plunging into crisis. The COVID-19 first paralyzed production in China, and then stopped hundreds of enterprises in Europe and Asia, followed by the United States. The sudden disruption in the global economy could instigate a global recession in 2020. According to S&P analysts, the annual growth of world GDP will not exceed 1–1.5%, and the second quarter of the year will be the hardest.

In order to prevent poverty and a serious economic crisis, all the countries considered plans to increase budget support for their economies. Support is expressed in an increase in direct budget allocations…

The beginning of the 21st century was marked by the digital revolution. The trends of digitalization in the financial sector are becoming increasingly apparent. It is known that at one time, gold and silver coins were gradually replaced by paper money. Today, digital money has turned into a new challenge to the generally accepted traditions of money circulation and is turning into a purely conditional (virtual) reality and a key element of a virtual economy.

The Importance of Cryptocurrency Legalization and Taxation

Cryptocurrencies are a brand-new phenomenon of the 21st century, which has become a subject of research for both economists and political scientists. The history of…

Nowadays, the issue of cryptocurrency taxation is more relevant than ever. Because we live in the era of information technology, it is important for each of us to understand what is meant by virtual assets and their taxation. Unfortunately, it is impossible to answer this question unequivocally, since each country has its own vision of cryptocurrency taxation. Moreover, the very concept of cryptocurrency differs from country to country, but in some places, it does not exist at all.

In this article, we will consider the most common cryptocurrency tax mistakes and how to avoid them.

Tax Labyrinths

More and more countries are…

In this article, we’ll look at cryptocurrency as an object of civil law and financial regulation, and how fundamentally important it is to create crypto taxation guidance.

The Nature of Cryptocurrency Taxation

Regardless of what one might think about whether it’s good or bad, blockchain technology can be viewed as a milestone and a fundamentally new stage in the development of technology and the economy. Market capitalization of decentralized digital technologies is growing steadily, and the list of types of products and services offered by relevant firms is growing in large-scale flows, as confirmed by market players. Of course, processes related to finances are always…


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